Shai T

Shai T
Artist Name
Shai T
Birth Place
Deep, Progressive
Year activate

Shai T  Biography

Shai T started his musical journey at a very young age, learning to play the guitar, the piano and the drums and preforming in a band. A few years later Shai embedded himself in the music world through the nightlife and his work as a Dj & Producer. In a short time, he managed to become the resd. Dj and the musical manager of the hottest and biggest nightclubs in tel-aviv.

Shai T’s music can be all around the «house music family» — from Nu disco and deep to vocal, tech and progressive house.The main genre’s which influence Shai T’s music is Funk, soul, disco & latin music.
Shai T’s first release was the Ep «Autopilot» @ Global viberation Nyc (during a Collaboration with his friend dj vanjee) , and after that other tracks found their way to be signed in different labels.