Artist Name
Birth Place
Progressive, Electronica
Year activate

Arzuk  Biography

ARZUK, a DJ / Producer hailing from Kuala Lumpur, has
been a showcase artist in Malaysia for the past several
years. Having started his journey since 2008, his taste
and passion on deep, melodical and addictive syncopated
rhythms has developed strength in his versatility in cross
genre producing based on his previous influences of
house and techno.

Arzuk has released his music for several acclaimed and
international labels such as Lapsus Music, Natura Viva,
Bullfinch and Majestic Family Records of Russia. Others
would also include Mr.Moutarde Records, Rhetorical and
Electric Tree. His versatility allows him to adapt to various
ranges of genre and taste based also on locality.

In 2016, he has released his second EP titled ‘Eris &Dionys’
which has received great support and recognition from
several of the industry heavyweights.

The best way to describe Arzuk is his purity in music. Each
piece is a journey, a narrative or emotions and flow which
makes him at times rather diabolically obscure.